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How is access to the shareholders' general meeting allowed for the legal entities shareholders?
The access for a legal entity shareholder is allowed at the shareholders` general meeting based on an identity document of the natural person representing the legal entity and on the power of attorney provided for this natural person. The power of attorney represents any official document that certifies the fact that the natural person presenting themselves on behalf of the shareholder is entitled to legally represent the shareholder.
What are the shareholders' rights provided by Art. 7 and Art. 13 of the National Securities Commission Regulation no. 6/2009 ?
Art. 7
(1) One or more shareholders representing, individually or together, at least 5% of the company`s share capital, are entitled to:

a) to introduce points to the general meeting`s agenda, provided that each point shall be accompanied by a justification or a decision project proposed for approval by the general meeting; and
b) to present decision projects for the points that were introduced or proposed to be introduced on the general meeting`s agenda.
(2) The rights provided at paragraph (1) may only be exercised in written (transmitted by courier services or by electronic means).
(3) The shareholders can exercise their rights provided by paragraph (1), points a) and b) within maximum 15 days from the convocation publishing.
(4) In case the exercising of the rights provided by paragraph (1), point b) cause the general meeting agenda already communicated to the shareholders to be modified, the commercial company must provide a revised agenda, using the same procedure as the one used for the previous agenda, before the applicable reference date defined at art. 2 point d) and respecting the deadline provided by Law no. 31/1991, reissued, with the subsequent modifications and completions, so that it will allow the other shareholders to assign a representative or, if needed, to vote by correspondence.
Art. 13
(1) Each shareholder is entitled to address questions regarding the points on the general meeting agenda. The commercial company has the obligation to answer the questions addressed by the shareholders.
(2) The right to address questions and the obligation to answer may be subject to the actions that the commercial companies may take in order to ensure the shareholders identification, the good conduction and preparing of the general meeting, as well as the confidentiality and the companies` commercial interests protection. The companies may provide a general answer to the questions with the same content. An answer is considered to have been provided if the pertinent information is made available on the company`s website, in the question-answer form.
What is "the special power of attorney" ?
"The special power of attorney" is the mandate given by a shareholder to a natural person or to a legal entity for the purpose to exert, on behalf of the respective shareholder, some or all rights that he holds within the general meeting.
What is "the registration date" ?
The registration date is the calendar date settled by the shareholders` general meeting, which serves for the identification of the shareholders who will benefit of dividends or other rights and upon which other shareholders` general meeting effects shall be reflected, being at least 10 days subsequent to the shareholders` general meeting date.
What is "the reference date" ?
The reference date is the calendar date settled by the company`s board of directors, which serves for the identification of the shareholders who are entitled to participate at the shareholders` general meeting and vote within it. The reference date must be subsequent to the notice of meeting publication and previous to the shareholders` general meeting.
Were the dividents for the 2009 period assigned? What is their value?
For the 2009 period, the EGMS has established by The Decree No. 1 of 25.03.2010 the increase of the share capital with the amount of 10.009.275,40 lei, having as sources 4.608.774,40 lei of the 2009 period net profit allocation and 5.400.501 lei of the 2008 period net profit allocation. A number of 100.092.754 shares have been issued with a nominal value of 0,10 lei/share which were distributed without charge to the shareholders, proportional to the number of held shares, the proportion being of 14,39301631 free shares for 100 held shares.
Which is the mandate model for the GMS meetings?
You can find the mandate model at the Legal department of our society and in the "For Shareholders" section of our web site -
Which are the conditions that a person must meet in order to participate to the GMS meetings?
In order to participate to the GMS meetings, one must have full capacity of exercise. One can participate on one`s own behalf, when he is a shareholder of the society or represents, by means of legal mandate, a shareholder.
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