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The Operational Sectorial Programme for the Human Ressources Development 2007-2013

The project is financed from THE EUROPEAN SOCIAL FUND, through The Operational Sectorial Programme for the Human Ressources Development 2007-2013, reference line: (CCI): 2007RO051PO001, from the foreground Appendix 3: „The increase of the workers and companies adaptability”, The major intervention field 3.2: „Professional training and support for companies and employees for promoting the adaptability” and it will be implemented at the South-East Region Level, in Braila, Vrancea and Galati counties.

The implementation duration of the project is of 21 months, starting from the 3rd of August 2009 until the 30th of April 2011, the financing of the project being ensured for the entire period of implementation of 21 months, with a total budget of 1.817.377,00 Lei (approx. 432.708 €).
The total eligible value is of 1.706.240,00 Lei (approx. 406.247 €). The biggest part of the co-financing is ensured by the SOCIAL EUROPEAN FUND, in a total value of 1.373.804,00 Lei (approx. 327.096 €) and by the national budget, in a total value of 242.436,00 Lei (approx. 57.722 €), the beneficiary ensuring a co-financing of 90.000,00 Lei (approx. 21.428 €), distributed between the 3 partners, this way: S.C. VRANCART S.A. 60.000 Lei, S.C. CEPROHART S.A 15.000 Lei, and the CONSULTANCY AND EUROPEAN LEARNING CENTRE 15.000 Lei.

The general objective of the project aims at increasing the level of specific professional training and improving the knowledge regarding health and safety ensurance at the working place, the use of modern technologies and the applying of the European Union regulations from the durable development field, for the emplyees and the employers from the South-Eastern Region, for the increase of their adaptability, mobility and flexibility towards the demands of the current dynamic of the economical environment. This objective will be reached by fulfilling the specifical objectives of the project, which consist of:

1. The increase of the degree of specific professional competences for 405 employees and employers, out of which 223 women which belong to the urban and rural environment form the South-Eastern Region, through the development of 27 forming specific professional courses and the validation of the knowledge acquired through certificates of graduation acknowledged at the national level;

2. The increase of the responsibility and the improve of the employees and employers knowledge concerning health and safety ensurance at the working place, the introduction of modern technologies and the applying of the European Union regulations from the durable development field, through 12 workshops structured on 4 fields, addressed to a target group made of 300 persons (out of which 165 women) from the urban and rural environment, finalised with participation diplomas;

3. The awareness and the sensitizing of a number of 50 undertakers and managers upon the necessity and the opportunity of participating to professional forming programmes offered by means of the project and its benefits. The project addresses to a target group made of 510 persons (280 women), out of which 420 employees, 15 undertakers, 70 managers and 5 physical authorised persons, bringing a various offer of professional forming programmes, materialized through the development of a number of 27 free courses of improvement and specialization, structured on two training fields, respectively:

A. Management and work organization, under which the following courses will be held: Project Manager (5 courses), Human Ressources Inspector (3 courses), Inspector in the Health and Safety domain (5 courses), Environment Auditor (3 courses), Auditor in the quality department (5 courses);

B. Bringing up-to-date and improving the competences, under which there will be held the following courses: Operator of data introduction, validation and processing (4 courses) and Sales Agent (2 courses).

and 12 campaigns of awareness (workshops), structured on four training fields, respectively:

A. A. The insurance of a safe and adequate working place::
1. „Competitiveness, Health and Safety in the globalization era” (1)

B. Observing EU regulations from the durable development field:
2. „The impact of the EU regulations from the durable development field upon employees and managers” (1)

C. The adaptability to the new technologies:
3. „New and advanced technologies – innovator solutions” (1)
4. „Industrial automation and the programming of the technological processes” (1).

The forming of the target groups to which the training and improvement activities are addressed will take place during two campaigns of recruitment and selection:
1. 01.11.2009 — 31.01.2010 and
2. 01.06.2010 — 31.08.2010,

through “the mobile information points” from the headquarters of the 3 partners of the project.

Registration conditions:

A. The applicant must situate in one of the categories:
1. to be employed with work card at a company (small, medium sized or big) which does not belong to the public administration domain (learning, local administration, health, etc.);
2. undertaker;
3. manager;
4. physical authorized person.

B. The applicant must prove that he belongs to one of the categories from point A.

The applicants will fulfill an application form. Each applicant will be able to participate to more than 2 professional training programmes, ended with an exam which certificates the competences achieved, following which the graduates will obtain a graduation certificate acknowledged at the national level. The participants to the information campaign will receive participation diplomas. The persons interested to participate to the professional training courses and to the acknowledgement campaigns can contact us, in order to recruit and select the target group, at the headquarters of the 3 partners. For S.C. VRANCART S.A. the contact details are the following: Ecaterina Teodoroiu Street, no. 17, Tel: 0237/640800, contact persons: Nastase Gabriel and Mandis Violeta.

The professional training courses will begin at Braila, with the first series of specialization courses in “Project Manager”.

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